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GVA is a licensing agency. Our objective is to study the best positioning of our licensing needs.
We initiate contacts with profesionals in the areas of creation, distribution, and vice versa.

Who are we ?

Our references

Magalie Fournier

Magali relishes exploring the childhood universe, through decoration objects, publications, games and toys. Always caring for a colourful ambiance, she likes to handle tracing paper, play with transparencies, fabrics, creating her own motifs. These small details 3D that she photographs. The result must be delicate, it must sparkle. All is these tiny details. Looking at it ought to be a little disorienting. Looking twice might lead to discovering something hidden.

The finds the Asia them puzzling perhaps because her grand-parents met in Saïgon. Inspired from her picturesque childhood stories, she tells them through these images.

Sophie Truant

Sophie Truant, is a Swiss born Artist / Illustrator, who graduated from the National Fine Arts Institute (ENSBA) in Paris.  She combines shape and volume in her sketches using  the soft and energetic fine lines of Rotring and software programs of vector and retouching.

From this dialogue is born a singular illustration, inspired by nature and her passion of flora and fauna.

Whether it is a press, textile or wallpaper illustration, each of her collaborations are an occasion for a tailor-made creation.

Lucille Pattern

I believe that Art offers positive energy. Patterns with symmetries and repetitions have the power to appease anyone who observe them.

The pattern is a source of well-being, the pattern’s aim is therapeutic. Through letting go and spontaneity, I try to create a story with many contrasting colors and rich drawings.

This short story is the story about your product, your brand. Whether bottles, books, clothes, shoes, wallpaper.. the aim is to provoke emotion in your potential clients. The issue ? Stand out from the competition.

Mademoiselle Valérie

Valérie Sabban a 27 ans,  elle est Styliste, illustratice, photographe, organisatrice d’événements depuis 8 ans et blogueuse avec une communauté de plus de 80 000 Followers sur les réseaux sociaux depuis 1 an et demi.

En 2009, elle est diplomée de l’école IICC MODE MARSEILLE.

Mademoiselle Valérie, opère régulièrement entre PARIS et MARSEILLE. Elle a participé à plus de 900 défilés tels que Jean Paul Gaultier, Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel), Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad.

Elle travaille en Free lance entant que Styliste et Illustratrice depuis 2010.

Elle lance son Blog en Janvier 2016 qui connaît un succès immédiat et un visitorat croissant.

Elle a réalisé plus de 170 partnerships en 1 an : Waterman, Sweet Paris, Ingie Paris, Minimeparis, Vip Room, Yves Rocher, kyme eyewear, Galeries Lafayette, Manish Arora, Lillet, Merci Handy, …
Valérie fais depuis Septembre 2016 partie du « COMITÉ D’HONNEUR DE LA FÉDÉRATION FRANÇAISE DES CONSEILS DE LA MODE. ».

En Décembre 2016, Maddemoiselle Valérie s’associe avec la Marque Skincover et sort une collection de protection pour Iphone avec ses Illustrations en Co-branding.


HCA (Hervé Chiquet Artworks)

After studies of graphics, a creating course in agency and studio specializing in Licensing rights such as Disney, Asterix, Lego…, Hervé Chiquet founded HCA Creation in 1998.
HCA is a studio consisting of a team of graphics designers and illustrators who create innovative concepts for children, teenagers and adults.

After the success of Tedinours and Miss Dolly, CATSLINE, a decorative design concept with cats, is created in 2008 for young women and asserts itself quickly in this market.

In 2010 HCA decided to expand internationally, and CATSLINE, became quickly its most sold property. Today there CATSLINE Origin Catsline Paris, Fancy Cats, 28 style charters, 80 graphic lines proposal 25 Licensees, an international presence, a website dedicated, a Facebook page.


Clementine learned to draw before learning to read. Unsurprisingly, she is moving into the field of illustration. After obtaining a degree in applied arts and fashion design, Clementine worked for 13 years in the service of brands as a textile designer.

A true enthusiast, she draws with her heart to create unique illustrations and pattern, inspired by her childhood, vintage and nature.

Let yourself be part of his captivating universe!!



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